When Your Farm is in a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF)

It is pretty clear, by the concessions available in the legislation, that it is the aim of the government to allow farmers to hold their farms in a SMSF. Nevertheless, it is far too easy to slip off the narrow path so make sure you get good advice right from the start. This blog will equip you with enough knowledge to judge a competent advisor.

Year End Strategies

Before embarking on any year-end tax strategy it is first important to consider whether you are going to be in a higher tax bracket next financial year. Examples of how this could happen would be a capital gain because you are going to sell an asset or your pay may go up next year. If your tax bracket is going to be higher next year, then it may be better not to drag deductions from next year into this year or delay income from this year to next year…